Dogs are welcome

The dog can join you at campsite 't Rheezerwold. We are sure you and your pet will enjoy the walks you can go for in the adjacent forest. You will also know that your dog will not mind mud, sand and ditches. If your dog is looking less than presentable when you get back, you can use the practical dog shower. 't Rheezerwold is a dog-friendly campsite, where you can go camping with your dog.

There are a few rules, however:

  • Dogs should be kept on a leash at the campsite at all times.
  • The dog is welcome in/at your own camping means.
  • Field Falcon is a dog-free field.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside our rental accommodations.
  • Walk your dog outside of the campsite (even to urinate).
  • Our park offers a number of dog stops with cleaning bags.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside our sanitary buildings.
  • Up to two dogs allowed per pitch.